Perfect Sisters

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 07:19 under HQ

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Dennis Harvey(Variety): A cartoonish and crudely staged dramatization of a disturbing trusty crime.
Sheri Linden(Los Angeles Times): The pellicle owes whatever persuasiveness it has to the teen leads' distressing performances – their sisterly chemistry and their filial rubbing with an alcohol-addled mother, well played ~ dint of. Mira Sorvino.
Neil Genzlinger(New York Times): Ms. Breslin and especially Ms. Henley are completely good, elevating a film that seems like one oft-told tale.
Joe Neumaier(New York Daily News): This kind of thing requires a velvet melt, though director Stanley M. Brooks hits solely hammer-heavy notes.
Sherrie Li(Village Voice): Any possible for an in-depth examination of the adolescent psyche pushed to its limits goes unmet, admitting not for lack of trying.
Joshua Rothkopf(Time Out New York): There be necessitated to have been a better way to record into this promising script than with cheesy kite-flying on the put aground and slo-mo waves.
Eric Monder(Film Journal International): What should be obliged been suspenseful, even terrifying, is tiresome thanks to mostly predictable treatment.
Brian Orndorf( Brooks crafts a glorified basic cable movie, without fault with stiff staging, obvious performances, and clunky screenwriting that turns ideal horror into unintentional comedy.
Jordan Hoffman(The Dissolve): A marginal thin skin elevated, however inadvertently, by the odd specificity of its scenes