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The Abandoned

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

An American film producer named Marie returns to her homeland, Russia, where her mother’s dead body has been found under bizarre circumstances. She never knew her, having been adopted and brought to America as a baby. The only clue as to what might have happened is an isolated, abandoned farm in the mountains that supposedly belong to her natural parents. Being the only next of kin, she inherits the place, but no one will take her there as the local superstitions state that the area is…DAMNED. Only one man will embark on such a dangerous and long journey…A stranger that oddly seems to know quite a bit about her history…But once arrived the guide mysteriously disappears, forcing Marie to explore the derelict location alone. She discovers someone else on the property…A man named Nikolai, who claims to have been lured there exactly in the same manner, so he could discover the truth behind his unknown past as well. They become stranded in the immense compound, plagued by terrifying, ghostly visions…The problem is that the ghosts that wander around are THEIR OWN. Dead versions of themselves marauder between the buildings in the night…Time begins to move in reverse as history re-lives itself in front of their very eyes. While both their ghosts, illustrating how they will die, patiently await their living counterparts to expire. A cycle of horror comes to fruition, as they are revealed the reason they have been summoned for this perverse reunion…And the brutal secret behind their family.

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Until Death

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a dirty cop, fighting to capture his ex-partner. His character, Anthony Stowe, is a narcotics lieutenant addicted to heroin, has a bad attitude, and everyone hates him, including his soon-to-be-ex wife. His ex-partner, Gabriel Callaghan (Stephen Rea) is working to become the new leader of the gangsters in local organized crime. Callaghan sends his goons after Anthony, who’s shot in the head and comes very close to death, falling into a coma. Months later, he awakens from the coma with the idea of finishing off his former partner and becoming a better person, and better husband.

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Final Inquiry, The

Monday, May 12th, 2008

It is the year 35 of Vulgar Epoch. Emperor Tiberius is disturbed by strange phenomena, an earthquake and the swivel black sky as an eclipse. His astrologers give him the equitable warning: their harbingers point out that the world is in the death throes of a big confusion and that old Gods were annihilated. A new kingdom is about to go up in the East. The Emperor calls Tito Valerio Tauro, the most eminent investigateur in Rome, behind his banishment. There were years some excluded earlier because he had discovered too much concerning the death of big emperor Augustus, the precursor of Tiberius. Tiberius entrusts Tauro with a mission which will demand all its talent: if it drives him successfully, its good name will be completely restored. He must discover the truth concerning the death sentence of a poor rabbi Judean. His name is Jesus de Nasareth and they say that it revived dead. Tiberius is persuaded that he has something to make with prophecies and celestial harbingers which shook the world some months earlier. Tauro is a septic and the only thing in which he believes a series of mysteries is reason, but which will put its intelligence to the test waits for it in Judea. Nothing is as he seems in Jerusalem. Governor Pilate is an ambiguous man, both discredited and traitor, who weaves his way among the minority opposing fractions of Fanatic and of Prig. During its investigation, Tauro comes face to face with the individuals whom he has never met before: Saul de Tarse, a valiant traditional defender In mosaic and an unshakeable prosecutor of Christians; the mysterious and almost insane Judas of Iscariot, who is probably one of the adherents of Jesus de Nasareth; and the leader alleged by the Christians, the poor fisherman called Shimon Peter. They are unassuming and vigorous men, by belonging to a minority fraction or other one, but who share a fixed idea: an idea of faith that the Roman eyes of Tauro seem to be simply incomprehensible and completely dangerous. He resists this idea with all his force. He thinks that Jesus is only a charlatan, some impostor and his supposed resurrection have to be a public hoax organised to exploit fact to be naive of poor fate, first to be converted to the Christian sect, the adherents of Jesus, almost they all belonging to the lowest social levels of society: the fishermen, the farmers, even the slaves – they all treated as the free men. And the same considers that’s true, more surprisingly still, to be the women – equal to the men in the eyes of Christian God. One of these women who believe in Jesus will give the key finally to Tauro in the understanding of the mystery of Jesus of the death of Nasareth and conclude the mission with which the Emperor entrusted to him. His name is Tabitha. She is not another twenty years old and she will reveal the mystery of love to the most clever and the most disillusioned Roman investigateur.

C’est l’année 35 de l’Ère Vulgaire. Empereur Tiberius est dérangé par les phénomènes étranges, un tremblement de terre et le ciel tournant noir comme une éclipse. Ses astrologues lui donnent l’avertissement équitable : leurs présages indiquent que le monde est dans les agonies d’un grand bouleversement et que vieux Dieux ont été annihilés. Un nouveau royaume est sur le point de monter à l’Est. L’Empereur appelle Tito Valerio Tauro, l’investigateur le plus proéminent à Rome, en arrière de son exil. Il était années quelques exclues plus tôt parce qu’il avait découvert trop concernant la mort de grand Empereur Augustus, le prédécesseur de Tiberius. Tiberius confie Tauro avec une mission qui exigera tout son talent : s’il le conduit avec succès, son bon nom sera complètement restitué. Il doit découvrir la vérité concernant la condamnation à mort d’un pauvre rabbin Judean. Son nom est Jésus de Nasareth et ils disent qu’il a ressuscité des morts. Tiberius est convaincu qu’il a quelque chose pour faire avec les prophéties et les présages célestes qui ont secoué le monde quelques mois plus tôt. Tauro est un septique et la seule chose dans laquelle il croit est la raison, mais une série de mystères qui mettront son intelligence à l’épreuve l’attend dans Judea. Rien n’est comme il semble à Jérusalem. Gouverneur Pilate est un homme équivoque, tous les deux ont discrédité et traître, qui tisse sa voie parmi les fractions minoritaires de Fanatique et de Pharisien adverses. Pendant son investigation, Tauro vient face à face avec les individus qu’il n’a jamais rencontrés auparavant : Saul de Tarse, un défenseur vaillant de tradition En mosaïque et un procureur inébranlable de chrétiens; le Judas mystérieux et presque insensé d’Iscariot, qui est vraisemblablement un des disciples de Jésus de Nasareth; et le chef allégué des chrétiens, un pauvre pêcheur appelé Shimon Peter. Ils sont des hommes humbles et vigoureux, en appartenant à une fraction minoritaire ou l’autre, mais qui partagent une obsession : une idée de foi que les yeux romains de Tauro semblent être simplement incompréhensibles et tout à fait dangereux. Il résiste à cette idée avec toute sa force. Il croit que Jésus est seulement un charlatan, quelque imposteur et sa résurrection supposée doivent être un canular public organisé pour exploiter le fait d’être naïf du pauvre sort, le premier à être converti à la secte chrétienne, les disciples de Jésus, presque ils tous appartenant aux niveaux sociaux les plus bas de société : les pêcheurs, les fermiers, même les esclaves – ils tous ont traité comme les hommes libres. Et le même tient c’est vrai, plus étonnamment encore, pour les femmes – égal aux hommes dans les yeux de Dieu chrétien. Une de ces femmes qui croient dans Jésus offrira finalement la clé à Tauro à la compréhension du mystère de Jésus de la mort de Nasareth et conclura la mission avec laquelle l’Empereur lui a confié. Son nom est Tabitha. Elle n’a pas encore vingt ans et elle dévoilera le mystère d’amour à l’investigateur romain le plus intelligent et le plus désabusé.

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Contractor, The

Monday, March 17th, 2008

The film begins in the ranch of Montana at home an ancient CIA OPPERATIVE – James Dial played by Wesley Snipes. Last time, one makes a fuss behind in action of him to kill a terrorist in London. All that turns badly and he is forced in dissimulation where he meets and helps a 12-year-old girl.

Le film commence au ranch de Montana à la maison d’une ancienne CIA Opperative – James Dial joué par Wesley Snipes. Une dernière fois, il est cajolé en arrière dans l’action pour tuer un terroriste à Londres. Tout cela tourne mal et il est forcé dans la dissimulation où il rencontre et aide une fille de 12 ans.

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Nightmare City 2035

Monday, January 21st, 2008

The future. The corrupt regime transfers the hallucination of a nice town to the chip in your head if really the town is in ruins. The rebels know the truth and try to fan revolution.

Die Zukunft. Das korrupte Regime überträgt das Trugbild einer schönen Stadt zum Span in Ihrem Kopf, wenn tatsächlich die Stadt in Ruinen ist. Die Rebellen wissen die Wahrheit und bemühen sich, Revolution anzufachen.

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Raging Sharks

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Since PINES enchanted and frightened cinema-goers in the 1970s the shark film has become a welcome addition for the horror film genre. FURIOUS SHARKS continue the tradition, again in the innate fear of the humanity of these beings beating which lurk in the ocean. This spot is the Bermuder triangle the position for a little bit big white action, because a foreign object in the water of the space most awkwardly. Unfortunately, this steers our amphibious friends in a rage, with the slaughter after, and a chance for the rough Corbin Bernsen to come to the rescue.

Seit KIEFERN verzauberte und erschreckte Kinobesucher in den 1970er Jahren ist der Hai-Film eine willkommene Hinzufügung für das Horrorfilm-Genre geworden. WÜTENDE HAIE setzen die Tradition fort, wieder in die angeborene Angst der Menschheit vor diesen Wesen klopfend, die im Ozean lauern. Dieses Mal ist das Bermuder Dreieck die Position für etwas Große Weiße Handlung, weil ein fremder Gegenstand ins Wasser vom Weltraum plumpst. Leider steuert das unsere amphibischen Freunde in eine Raserei, mit dem Gemetzel folgend, und eine Chance für den rauen Corbin Bernsen, zur Rettung zu kommen.

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