Redwood Highway

Posted: 17 Jun 2014 10:07 under HQ

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Stephen Farber(Hollywood Reporter): While this road movie may not have great originality or vast box-office potential, it's a dirty-key charmer with a large-souled deed at its center.
Robert Abele(Los Angeles Times): The script (~ dint of. director Gary Lundgren with James Twyman) is modestly touch-good to a fault and the view expectedly beautiful, but it's the natural acting providing the most nourishment.
Bill Edelstein(Variety): Solid deed overcomes a lack of dynamic elastic force in this family-friendly film.
Prairie Miller(NewsBlaze): Knight shines in this given to contemplation, unrushed road movie on foot, through a rare, respectful focus on the existential desperation of an older woman. And a separate journey that is a female take attached voyaging through those woods that are amiable, dark and deep.
Brent Simon( A marginal showcase during fans of the twice Oscar-nominated Shirley Knight that falters by taking the road more frequently traveled.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): A anchorage-trip movie that takes its time, by an enjoyable ramble through the handsome woods of southern Oregon, 'Redwood Highway' is a mark study of a determined, if once perplexed, woman.