The Expedition to the End of the World

Posted: 25 Aug 2014 08:42 under HQ

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Farran Smith Nehme(New York Post): The movie reveals more of the most stunning landscape cinematography imaginable, while everyone on the isolated ship waxes philosophical – of the same kind with who would not?
Jordan Hoffman(New York Daily News): All ~ward board are curiously resigned to mankind's death by environment, and take the prolix view that another life form be inclined one day take our place.
Andrew O’Hehir( "Expedition" is like a stoned camping lapse to an unimaginably distant location, in what place your companions are a group of glistening intellectuals, artists and scientists.
Nicolas Rapold(New York Times): [A] sprightly but ominously open-ended documentary end for end a motley crew of Danes headed to Greenland up~ a schooner.
Alan Scherstuhl(Village Voice): If marveling at the earth – and its collapse – sounds appealing to you, hustle up a ticket.
J. R. Jones(Chicago Reader): In habit that means a lot of disconnected brown study about the perilous state of the planet and the Darwinian look of climate change, the discourse rendered small by the staggering landscapes.
Avi Offer(NYC Movie Guru): Breathtaking view and interesting choices of music, excepting too aimless and formless. You be possible to't help but wonder the sort of Werner Herzog would've transacted with it.
Daniel Walber(Nonfics): Equally studious and tumultuous, 'Expedition to the End of the World' is a beautifully shot and thoughtfully constructed journey up to Greenland and into a fix climate change future.
Scott Tobias(The Dissolve): The sound isn't alarmist, but full of curiosity and perspective, no suspect rooted in the rare privilege of vital principle in this spectacularly beautiful place.
Christopher Gray(Slant Magazine): A optical pleasure, and refreshingly free of communication or structure, but it leaves every aftertaste similar to that of every awkward party spent among intellectuals.