The Hornet’s Nest

Posted: 17 Jun 2014 14:11 under HQ

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Joe Leydon(Variety): A strong up-close view of the travails of U.S. army in Afghanistan.
Daniel M. Gold(New York Times): Mr. Boettcher knew those men, puts faces to their names. As he says, each soldier's story is separate, and they all bear telling.
Gary Goldstein(Los Angeles Times): "The Hornet's Nest" is a kinetic, immersive actual feeling, particularly in its deeply felt human moments.
Bill Goodykoontz(Arizona Republic): It's a thrilling you-are-there war movie, with incredible images from the mean of firefights, mixed with the fable of a father and son afflictive to reconnect.
David Martindale(Dallas Morning News): We're not suggesting that this film is going to drive A-please actors and directors out of the contention-movie business. But The Hornet's Nest ability push them to change what they bestow in the name of realism.
Andrew Lapin(The Dissolve): The Hornet's Nest is exactly the reading of the military that the military wants people to see, which income all its earnestness can't repress but feel calculated.
Mike McGranaghan(Aisle Seat): As unencumbered-eyed a portrait of modern discord as you're likely to pay attention.
Diana Saenger( Amazing Heroism On Dangerous Mission
Tomas Hachard(Slant Magazine): It becomes limpid pretty quickly that Mike and Carlos Boettcher's insider vista allows for close to no words immediately preceding beyond what their cameras directly make prisoner.
Burl Burlingame(Honolulu Star-Advertiser): It's cost pointing out that two dozen journalists desire been killed in the line of duty on Afghanistan's front lines, bringing the state of opposition back home. And they can't discharge back.
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): This is viewed like close to war as many of you are convenient to get, and the tension like bullets whiz by on an Afghan hillside is obvious.
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): The Hornet's Nest is a robust movie that shows what really happens put ~ the ground during a conflict like this, and it's to a high degree apropos to view around Memorial Day.
Cary Darling(Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ The affecting documentary The Hornet's Nest is a boots-attached-the-ground look at America's war in Afghanistan.