The House of Magic

Posted: 25 Aug 2014 08:42 under HQ

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Cath Clarke(Time Out): This 3D kids' animation about a plucky kitten adopted ~ means of an elderly magician is a joined bag of tricks.
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): The description nods its head towards Toy Story and ParaNorman, be it so there's nothing here to marriage the magic of either of those new gems.
Andrew Osmond(SFX Magazine): Looks convenient, with a handsome design and some appealingly cute feline. It's normal a shame the story's to such a degree mild and unadventurous.
Donald Clarke(Irish Times): No person of mature age will enjoy it all that a great deal of, but few will feel the urgency to bolt for the concessions stand formerly kids are safely deposited.
Alan Jones(Radio Times): Attaining a closely attached perfect Disney-style mix of colourful inventiveness, winning characters, eye-popping spectacle (especially in its 3D translation) and fun-scary set pieces, it's a burnished delight with ageless appeal.
Geoffrey Macnab(Independent): The storytelling doesn't companion the visual effects.
Allan Hunter(Daily Express): Painless line of ancestors fun.
Peter Bradshaw(Guardian): As a feature film, it is soulless, like a thing that has been generated by a computer notice.
Tim Evans(Sky Movies): A visual banquet the ankle-biters will have ~ing happy to feast on.
Angie Errigo(Empire Magazine): A extraordinary mix of Britpop music cues and woolly dog-bait storytelling makes for a diverting, suppose that derivative kids' animation.
Robbie Collin(Daily Telegraph): An formal reception used to Disney and Pixar inclination rightly expect better than this, whether they're in the state 10 or not.
Nigel Andrews(Financial Times): If you be favored with minds and eyes, prepare to possess them boggled.
Kevin Harley(Total Film): A frolic that compensates for its fluffy clearness with sweetness, generosity and 3D capacity.
Liam Maguren( It's intricate to recommend a CGI film that looks like a portion your Playstation 3 could easily make.
Matthew Turner(The List): The House of Magic features appealing cast designs and impressive 3D work, but that considering the title, it's sooner limited in imagination.