The Kill Team

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 07:35 under HQ

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Andrew O’Hehir( A terrifying case in point of how easily basic human decorum and morality can melt away in the mist of war.
Manohla Dargis(New York Times): Looks at the murders and their earsh through a frustratingly narrow lens.
David Edelstein(New York Magazine/Vulture): The setting is Afghanistan, excepting it might be Iraq or Vietnam or anywhere with occupying forces. It might be Gaza. This delineate of hell is timeless, placeless.
Zachary Wigon(Village Voice): Finds drama in evenhanded storytelling that is the inverted of its characters' emotional shakiness.
Joshua Rothkopf(Time Out New York): The pellicle is weak on its essential presentment, vaguely suggesting a mood of battlefield all the bores without quite pinpointing the pathology that would entice military men to squeeze the trigger pell-mell.
Ian Bailey(Globe and Mail): The mesmerizing documentary on the eve a group of U.S. soldiers killing Afghan citizens in quest of kicks, circa 2010, has the complaisant of urgent intimacy that characterizes the in the highest degree such non-fiction films.
Louis Proyect( Reminiscent of the struggle between the Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger characters in "Platoon" otherwise than that even more powerful since it shuns sensationalism and sticks to the bloody story of how the American body of soldiers became a death squad.
Nora Lee Mandel( Engrossing. . .stunningly calamitous. . with difficult moral decisions of lord pressure and whistleblowing . . .Wrenching film dramatically personalizes "good following orders".
Godfrey Cheshire( It offers a abyss of waters, troubling probe into a military agri~ that both incubates horrifically criminal acts contrary to innocents and throws innumerable obstacles in the paths of soldiers who would counteract or report those outrages.
Daniel Eagan(Film Journal International): Strong subject marred by poor narrative choices.
Nathan Rabin(The Dissolve): The Kill Team tells a compelling chronicle, but the 79-minute runtime leaves that story feeling incomplete.
Chris Barsanti(PopMatters): During more of these interviews and accompanying footage, The Kill Team seems towards like an autopsy, necessary but sickening to behold.
Kristy Puchko( It's difficult to watch, but important to eye-~.
Daniel Walber(Film School Rejects): Our ideas from one place to another war need to be cracked candid, and The Kill Team does exactly that.
Christopher Gray(Slant Magazine): This is a thin War on Terror military exposone not quite exclusively interested in the hearts and minds of subdued-ranking soldiers.
Fred Lambert(Orlando Weekly): The Kill Team makes us confront the scary truth about the bloodbaths in Iraq and Afghanistan: The alone thing that differentiates the Kill Team from numerous company other infantry units is the unadorned fact that they were caught.