The Moment

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 07:26 under HQ

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Betsy Sharkey(Los Angeles Times): "The Moment" is a psychological thriller other muddled than the mind and the winding course it is caught up in.
Ben Kenigsberg(New York Times): Watching the movie becomes a loving of parlor game: Is Lee capable of murder? Which moment is the import?
Elizabeth Weitzman(New York Daily News): You put on't ever really know that which's going on, but at minutest the heavy-handed music tells you which to feel.
Rex Reed(New York Observer): The Moment is a different in a long string of affect-free psychological "thrillers" that be frustrated from start to finish.
Sam Weisberg(Village Voice): Viewers be bound to work as hard as Lee to determine past from present; you may have the consciousness of being amnesiac yourself by film's period.
Lauren Wilford(Movie Mezzanine): After you rest with [The Moment] for a space of time, you realize that it just doesn't cause to be crazy right.
David Ehrlich(The Dissolve): A laughable film but not an evil the same, The Moment is made all the in greater numbers painful by its seemingly earnest intentions.
Diego Costa(Slant Magazine): The pellicle is a hybrid of a Lifetime movie focused in c~tinuance a "strong woman," a evade-of-the-mill murder mystery, and a yogurt engaged in traffic from hell.