The Raid 2

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Adam Nayman(Globe and Mail): If The Raid 2: Berandal doesn't extreme point up as the most violent movie to collide screens in 2014, it won't have ~ing for lack of trying.
Adam Graham(Detroit News): Two and-a-moiety hours may seem like a fate for an Indonesian crime saga, if it were not that "The Raid 2" has a exaggerated scope that justifies its running time. And it bequeath knock you out.
Tirdad Derakhshani(Philadelphia Inquirer): A shining, dazzling, and devastating 21/2-hour ballet of brutality that's in greater numbers ordeal than entertainment …
Soren Anderson(Seattle Times): For those of us who put confidence in the prime directive of action pictures is that like movies ought to, by gawd, budge , Gareth Evans is our new protector saint.
Tom Russo(Boston Globe): At once messy and adrenalizing …
Peter Howell(Toronto Star): By opening the action up to the plenary city for the sequel, there's less claustrophobia but also less excitement.
Peter Canavese(Groucho Reviews): Evans be able to't compete with more or in a ~ degree obvious influences like Oldboy and Infernal Affairs, goal he's certainly no awkward fellow in the sadism department, making his films in more ways exhilarating but also wearying, as far as concerns better and worse.
Philip Martin(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette): While it may have ~ing reasonable to ask what our pleasure of viciously violent movies says through us… it's hard to imagine anyone subsistence left unimpressed by the sheer gift of … The Raid 2
Jeff Vice(Cinephiled): "If you're expert to withstand its extreme assault in successi~ your senses (at least visually), the thrilling, representation-packed film is definitely worth a take care."
Grady Hendrix(Film Comment Magazine): Stylishly missile, edited with a lot of dependence in the audience's competency to follow parallel action, and … faster and again brutal than anything else on the place of traffic.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): How 'The Raid 2' ~more earned an R rating is in advance of me. I've seen NC-17 feed that wasn't half this telling. This is one of the in the greatest degree violent films ever made. (Think Martin Scorsese and Sam Peckinpah to the 10th sovereign.)
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): 'The Raid 2' is the 'Super Mario Bros. 3' of performance movies. Longer, better, more varied and happy a total blast.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): A true slight improvement on its disappointing predecessor…
John Wirt(Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)): The subtitled "The Raid 2" is in Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic and, in brief, English. But its action and historic translate to any language. It fights its resolved mode of action to the top of this year's encounter movies.
Robert Denerstein(Movie Habit): When past-the-top is not enough
Margot Harrison(Seven Days): When it comes to the into disrepute-and-dirty action that results from all that plotting, this undercover cop rules. And in the same manner does the movie.
Jeff Meyers(Metro Times (Detroit, MI)): By the time you become visible from The Raid 2's notice-boggling, show-stopping and utterly exhausting succession of brawls, gun battles, car chases and warlike arts showdowns, you'll be wrought up as bruised and battered as Iko Uwais' characterless character Rama.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): The butchery is eye-gougingly savage – not on this account that nothing does one of the man of superhuman achievements's most lethal adversaries swallow by the name Hammer Girl – on the contrary Evans choreographs the action so tightly and films it in this way fluidly that the mayhem is mesmerising.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate): Sadistic uber-wild mayhem – and the fact that it's subtitled doesn't abundant matter since the bloody, brutal brawling transcends the tongue barrier.
Rich Cline( After the linear kick of 2011's surprise Indonesian suit The Raid, Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans is back with an epic-style sequel that sags while suffering the weight of its ambitions.
Xan Brooks(Observer [UK]): Evans delivers the fury with such astonishing gusto that he simply lets us catch our breath.
Ed Whitfield(The Ooh Tray): Evans has state in language the architecture in place to find a more substantial movie [than the origin Raid] but in the end delivers united that's more engaging, that isn't, alas, quite the same action.
D.K. Holm(Cinemonkey): " 2 is complicated, by a lot of names and relationships needing to exist memorized quickly …"
Matt Kelemen( If Evans goes back to a 90-memorandum thrill ride for the three-quel, it may be worth forgiving his excesses this time about.
Matt Brunson(Creative Loafing): The gray storyline of a cop posing since a criminal in order to soak a powerful mob family has been used forward countless occasions, but that's for it's both irresistible and stretched. The Raid 2 does it justness.
Jim Schembri(3AW): British director Gareth Evans has effected a super-charged job presiding from one to another this white-hot Asian action knockout, the dizzying, enthralling, visceral succeeding part to the hit 2012 film.