Posted: 09 Jun 2010 22:35 under 2005, Austria, Drama, France, Germany, Italy, Mystery, Thriller, USA

Guilt. Anne and Georges Laurant have a book-lined Paris townhouse, jobs at a publishing house and as the host of a high-brow talk show, and a teenage son, Pierrot, who’s on the swim team. Their dinner parties sparkle, but there’s tension. They have little to say to each other: Anne may be on the verge of an affair with a close family friend, and Pierrot is monosyllabic and out with friends some evenings. There’s new strain when they begin to receive tapes of their home under surveillance—tapes accompanied by childlike drawings of a boy and blood. Anne and Georges are unnerved, dreams give Georges a clue, but he shares little with Anne. What part of himself and his past has he kept hidden?

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