Crew, The

Posted: 16 Feb 2010 20:46 under 2000, Comedy, Crime, USA

Four former made men (Reynolds, Cassell, Dreyfuss, and Hedaya), struggling to get by in a rundown Miami hotel, come up with a plot to drive out all of the young tenants that are slowly taking over the beach-front hotel and driving up their rent. Taking a man that was found dead on the beach, they arrange what appears to a mob hit and provide a note that says more killings are to occur. Unfortunately the old man they use turns out to be the senile father of a druglord. The druglord declares war on the killers of his father, thinking it was an action of his enemies. A stripper (Jennifer Tilly) learns of the old men’s involvement and threatens to squeal on them unless they kill her step-mother (Lanie Kazan). Meanwhile, the one man (Dreyfuss) searches for his long lost daughter, who to no one’s surprise, turns out to to be the investigating police officer (Carrie Anne Moss). And she is trying to divest herself from her crumb fellow officer & former boyfriend (Jeremy Piven). If you think that all of this is a bit much for a short movie, you certainly are right. Contains profanity, urination, violence, and other gross out humor. It should also be noted that the only way the group arrives at any ideas is when Reynold’s character is hit in the head on repeated occasions and nearly dies…

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