Storm Catcher

Posted: 19 Jan 2010 20:01 under 1999, Action, Thriller, USA

Air Force pilot JACK HOLLOWAY is falsely accused and convicted of the crime of treason for the theft of a prototypical military aircraft. Enroute to prison, he makes a daring escape in an effort to recover the plane, clear his name and gain his freedom. A fugitive on the run, aided by the knowledge of his trusted friend, LT. Sparks, Holloway uncovers a mystery that reveals not only the individuals responsible for the frame-gyp, but a deadly web of conspirators whose far reaching influence is woven tightly into the fabric of the U.S. military. Dodging a series of dangerous encounters with his wife and daughter in danger, Holloway fights desperately to save not only his family and his reputation, but to prevent the use of the aircraft as an implement of war on the most unthinkable battleground of all… AMERICAN SOIL.

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